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    Perry Spring

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    When I created the account, I never knew to change the settings.

    It was private, and I made it public..

    I never checked the settings.

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    Reply from OrlenaMarie GHS57:

    When I signed up for my free Photobucket, I never noticed anything about making the account Private. When I went back to check, I was a while finding how to make it private.

    I do admit, I don't always understand what I'm doing when I'm trying to understand all the instructions and fine print.

    I am surprised that they would have it automatically set up to be private. With everyones accounts private, they wouldn't have nearly as many searchable. Their large search database is one of the draw cards toward their site. You don't have to have an account to look.

    I really enjoy searching it for stuff I can save and use. They now have it fixed so you can save automatically to your album. I keep getting messages explaining I can make any of my albums public. I'll keep mine private.

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    Perry Spring

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    Hey, it's nice to meet you... Y'know what? My Photobucket account was private, LOL, I never knew...! I made it public.......

    Yuku and friends: Perfect together...


    Reply from OrlenaMarie GHS57:

    Am I understanding you correctly? Your Photobucket was already Private and you changed it to allow anyone in?

    Or are you like me, and not writing what you really mean? image Your Photobucket was open to everyone, because you didn't know any difference. You have now changed it to Private? image

    Orlena Marie

I enjoy

I enjoy working on our Cherokee County Kansas Ezboard. I hope once we move to Yuku to enjoy continuing to work on it.

I enjoy clipart, even though I can't make it myself. I appreciate the talented people who can. I have a Photobucket account and enjoy searching for new clipart when I have time.

I enjoy helping others with their family trees. I am a member of some Rootsweb Mailing Lists.

I would enjoy helping correct errors on
Unfortunately, they don't make it easy.

This is a very interesting site owned by John Schehrer he also posts and tries to help correct mistakes on Find A Grave.